RCCE Guests August 2014

Special Guests:

KevinMaguireByLuigiNoviKevin Maguire

Eisner Award winning artist Kevin Maguire is best known for his work on Justice League International, Formerly Known as the Justice League, JLA Classified, Defenders, Doom Patrol, and Worlds Finest.

We are very excited to host him at RCCE August 2014.


larryhamaLarry Hama

Larry Hama is best known as writer of the Marvel Comics licensed series G.I. Joe, based on the Hasbro line of military action figures. Hama said in a 2006 interview that he was given the job by then editor-in-chief Jim Shooter after every other writer at Marvel had turned it down.

Hama also wrote the majority of the G.I. Joe action figures’ file cards—short biographical sketches designed to be clipped from the G.I. Joe and COBRA cardboard packaging.[3] In 2006 these filecards were reprinted in the retro packaging for the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 25th Anniversary line.


jamesobarrJames O’Barr

James OBarr, is the award-winning creator of “The Crow,” and writer of two  hit series currently  from IDW Publishing, entitled “Curare” and “Skinning The Wolves.”He likes to lament that he was born in a trailer in Detroit just in time to see Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy die, but claims no responsibility for either. He spent his first seven years in an orphanage and foster care where he spent most of his time drawing.

When he was adopted he brought along his crayons and has been using them ever since.

While stationed in Berlin, in the late 70’s he created The Crow as an attempt to deal with the death of his fiance at the hands of a drunk driver. It took nearly ten years to finish and no publisher was interested in it(“too gloomy,too confusing..”) until,on a whim, Caliber published the first issue in 1989.

It is currently the best selling independent graphic novel of all time at over 1 million copies sold.

In 1993 his book was adapted into the cult film of the same name starring Brandon Lee. He would like you to know that nearly all of the money made from the film was donated to children’s charities and he had nothing to do with the subsequent 3 sequels or TV show, but he will be a consultant on the new Crow movie that goes into production in 2014.

He has worked for every major publisher.  In Italy, 1995, he won the Academy Award of comics,the Yellow Kid award for best storyteller.

Recently returned from a record breaking signing tour for the Italian Edition of “The Crow,”  his most recent book is a the new sketchbook from Eva Ink Publishing “James O’Barr: Uncoffined.”

For information on bookings and commissions, contact Eva Ink Artist Group at: evaink@aol.com


reneewitterstaetterRenee Witterstaetter

Renee Witterstaetter is the author of “Excess: The Art of Michael Golden,” “Tex: The Art of Mark Texeira,” the critically acclaimed “Nick Cardy: The Artist at War,” “Dying for Action: The Life and Films of Jackie Chan,” “Kerry and the Scary Things,” “Nick Cardy: Wit-Lash,” and much more.Renee began the comic phase of her career working on such titles as Superman at DC Comics and Silver Surfer, Conan The Barbarian and Conan Saga at Marvel, then going on to spearhead the reintroduction of She-Hulk at Marvel to boot. She then moved over to Topps Comics where she was the editor on X-Files, Jurassic Park, Xena and Hercules and  the co-creator—with artist Michael Golden– of the successful series, Spartan X.Her newest books include “Santa Confidential,” by Hagar the Horrible artist Chris Browne and the sketchbook “James O’Barr: Uncoffined.”In addition, Renee has also been the colorist on hundreds of comics from the Avengers to Spider-man to Captain America among many, many more. Film work was a natural progression for Renee after this storytelling immersion in comics, and she has since worked on dozens of music videos for Madonna, Seal, Ben Harper and Usher, as well as the feature movies  Crime Story, Rush Hour Two, Red Dragon , and To ease the lose, among others.A member of the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan, in addition to on-going film work, she is the President of Little Eva Ink Publishing and Little Eva Ink Toys. Renee is also currently working in artist management via Eva Ink Artist Group, and is the co-producer of the a DVD series highlighting creatives in many fields.In her not so abundant free time, she fishes, dances and is also curating several major art exhibits in the United States and in Europe, and lectured in places as diverse as Spain, China and Russia.For more information on Renee Witterstaetter and her work, check out one of the following sites:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eva-Renee-

mitchMitch Breitweiser

Widely recognized for his iconic work on Marvel’s “Captain America,” Mitch Breitweiser catapulted to art stardom in 2005 with his work on “Drax the Destroyer.” Mitch spent most of the next decade illustrating some of Marvel’s mightiest heroes. He is currently illustrating and co-writing “Blood & Stone,” adapting the legend of King David into thrilling graphic novel form. Recently, he founded the Breitweiser Haus studio with his wife and renowned color artist, Elizabeth, to service industry leading clients and as a platform to launch creator-owned series’ with co-creator Patrick Stiles. https://breitweiserhaus.com


bettieElizabeth Breitweiser

Harvey Nominated color artist, Elizabeth Breitweiser, earned widespread recognition for her work on Marvel’s Winter Soldier, HULK, Agents of Atlas, and Captain America series’. She now works with with industry luminaries like Ed Brubaker on his “Velvet”, “Fatale”, and “Fade Out” series’, and Robert Kirkman on the upcoming “Outcast” series, all from Image Comics. She founded the Breitweiser Haus studio with her creator/illustrator husband in 2012, with an eye towards creating original content and servicing industry leading clients. https://breitweiserhaus.com



johnlucas John Lucas

John Lucas has worked for more comic publishers than he can possibly remember. The list of characters he’s worked on include Wolverine, Superman, and Batman. John’s most recent work has been drawing Deadpool for Marvel Comics and the Original graphic novel Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse soon to be published by First Comics.


jai_nitzJai Nitz

Jai Nitz is an American comic book writer who has written for Dark Horse, Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, Dynamite, and other publishers. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in film studies. He won the prestigious Xeric Foundation grant in 2003 for his self-published anthology, Paper Museum. He won the Bram Stoker Award in 2004 for excellence in illustrated narrative for Heaven’s Devils from Image Comics.

He is currently writing Dream Thief and Toshiro for Dark Horse. His short film Rhino is currently touring the country on the festival circuit. He also works as a professor at the University of Kansas teaching courses on comic books and film. You can follow him on Twitter (JAINITZ1). He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with his two sons.



briansteward814Brian Steward

Brian Steward is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and radio host from Texas. He has partnered with Fangoria Magazine to produce an unprecedented exclusive series of art prints featuring some newly painted, reimagined versions of classic horror films including Re-Animator, Cannibal Holocaust, Friday The 13th and many others, as well as prints of his original works. He is also a feature writer for Fangoria and is working on Fangoria’s recently resurrected sister publication, GoreZone, as a centerfold and cover artist.

Additionally, he is currently working with Brian Yuzna creating some new official, licensed Re-Animator art as well as other projects for Re-Animator Productions, Inc. Every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. (central) on horrorradionetwork.com he hosts his own live radio show, “A Bunch of B.S. with Brian Steward”. Every week Brian welcomes guests from the fields of film, music and art. Past guests include cast members of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Friday The 13th, Dawn Of The Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as well as members of the bands Danzig, Type O Negative, The Misfits and Ratt.

In the past, Brian has created artwork for the horror hip hop duo TWIZTID and his work has been seen in Playboy Magazine, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, on “LIVE! with Regis and Kelly” and in numerous comics, video games, magazines, even children’s books. He has worked alongside Kevin Eastman at Heavy Metal Magazine as lead book designer and contributing illustrator. He cites one of his favorite jobs as working with Malibu Bay Films’ late great Andy Sidaris and his wife, producer Arlene Sidaris. Brian was heavily involved in the DVD release of all 12 of their films and co-writing, inking and coloring a series tie-in comic book with Andy. Currently Brian is also in pre-production on his own film, Elephant Man of War with Laurence Harvey (The Human Centipede 1&2), Theo Crane (AMC’s The Walking Dead) and legendary producer, Arlene Sidaris. He lives in Texas with his wife of nearly 20 years and their two sons, their Great Dane, Great Pyrenees and a lot of action figures and fossils.




robwebbWilliam Robert Webb III

William Robert Webb III (known to friends and acquaintances as Rob) is an author and filmmaker currently living in Springfield, MO. He is the writer of the humorously meta book Simply Weird: The (Fake) History of Weird Comics Incorporated, A (fake) Comic book Company. Additionally he has participated in the SATO48 film challenge as a Director in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. He also served as one of the Camera Operators for the darkly comedic Horror movie PMS Cop. On top of that Rob got to play one of the victims in the film.


poindexterSean T. Poindexter

Sean is the author of The Shadow of Tiamat, the first book in The Dragon’s Blood Chronicles, and Moth, the first book in a series of paranormal mysteries based in Southwest Missouri. His literary influences include H.P. Lovecraft, Anne Rice, George R.R. Martin, Robert E. Howard, and R.A. Salvatore, among others. In addition to writing, Sean enjoys watching and reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thrillers. His hobbies include playing Xbox, fantasy role playing games and collecting firearms. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and a masters degree in Criminology. These are heavy influences on his work, as well as his experience as an investigator (former) for the State of Missouri.

tommy1 Tommy Hancock

Steeped in pulp magazines, old radio shows, and all things of that era’s pop culture, Tommy Hancock lives in Arkansas with his wonderful wife and three children and obviously not enough to do. He is Partner in and Editor in Chief for Pro Se Productions, is an organizer of the New Pulp Movement, was a founding member and original Editor-in-Chief of ALL PULP, works as an editor for Seven Realms, Dark Oak, and Moonstone. He is also a writer published by Airship 27 Productions, Pulpwork Press, Moonstone, and others. He also works as Project Coordinator for Moonstone Entertainment and was the Founder and Coordinator for PULP ARK, a Pulp Culture Convention in the South from 2011 to 2013. Tommy is a Pulp Speaker, Podcaster, Supporter, and Promoter as well.

kaylalarson Kayla Larson

Born in California but raised in Arkansas, Kayla Larson is your classic small town girl known for her tomboyish nature and passion for animals. Living in a close-knit community has strengthened her values, especially towards her family. She was born with Gastrostisis and is a true survivor of the rare, deadly birth condition. This has made her value and enjoy life and see it in a way some do not.

Larson has been writing most of her life. A bookworm at a young age, she grew into the art and passion of story-telling, starting with short stories and later creating novels and writing fanfiction. All of these old tales of which can be found in hundreds of notebooks stashed away in many boxes. She has written many poems, and has also written skits and newspaper articles for school and the local media. She takes inspiration from many authors, and even holds dear an autographed photo of her favorite author, Dean Koontz. She enjoys fantasy, science-fiction, westerns, and mysteries, anything that can whisk her away to another world.

Kayla enjoys several activities, including horseback riding, drawing, reading, video games, hiking, camping, and shooting. She has a motley crew of “fur babies” that comprise of her sun conure, Cosmo, Shar-Pei mix Khan, three cats, and a horse.

When Larson is not spending time with her family and friends or taking inspiration from the world outside, she can be found in her little house writing away her next creation, enjoying life.

dawnduvDawn DuVurger

Dawn DuVurger came to America when she was seven years old from Hungary and has traveled ever since. As a student and mother she stays busy, while also acting in Indi-Horror films like “Creamains, Malific, Cadaver Bay, Aberrations, and most recently Zombie Pirates, as well as starting her own convention on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


All guests schedules and dates are tentative and subject to change without notice.

rayRaymond Masters

In 2011, Raymond Masters self-published Forging Truth, a character-driven tale combining mystery, magic, fantasy, religion, and super-heroics. He is currently at work on the next installment of The Truth Saga and has recently signed with Pro Se Productions to produce the entire series. If he doesn’t finish it soon, his wife will kill him. Ahem. Sorry. He has also written comic scripts, which have been accepted for publication at both Viper Comics and Incubator Press. He’s dabbled in the zombie craze with a short story, entitled Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale. He has contributed for both Project Fanboy and Wired’s GeekDad.com. When not writing or reading, he can be found on social media, pimping other independent authors and creators.

Matt Bryan and Mike McCubbins

Matt Bryan and Mike McCubbins are frequent collaborators and best
buddies from St. Louis, Missouri.  They’ve worked on numerous comics
and animations, most notably the graphic novel Book of Da, for which
Matt was given a “Master Mind” award and named best local cartoonist
by the River Front Times in 2013.


imageKimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith (aka humankimberly ) is a humanoid based life form. (i.e.  her general structure is loosely based on the human species, expect the creator messed up and made her too short.) She lives primarily off caffeine and steak. She is an expert at taking naps, sarcasm and imaginarily punching people. She also created and writes a self-published comic called Fallen Ash. In her own head it’s awesome and makes total sense you should read it. 2 of the 3 voices in her head swears she really exists.

schedlerDavid Schedler

David Schedler is an Emmy-Nominated, award winning independent animator. His first animated short “The Bridge” won the Poly-Neko award at the Wanderings Film Festival and was also an Official Selection in the film festival held during the LaSciFi Convention.

David is currently working on an animated series starring the characters he created for “The Bridge.” The next episode: “War Dogs” will be completed in December.

David’s Facebook page can be found at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/26-13-Media/352941364823233

Production Blog:  2613media.blogspot.com

agilbreath2x2Allan Gilbreath

Allan Gilbreath denies that he was raised by wolves, but still enjoys quiet moonlit evenings.  He is an accomplished skeptic, cook, gardener, computer geek, martial artist, and avid student of arcane knowledge.  Allan is also a nationally recognized and award-winning author, publisher, speaker, and instructor.  He has appeared on television, stage, movies, radio, web/podcast, and tours the country in live appearances.  Allan is a repeat guest with Expedition Unknown as their skeptic.  He is a monthly co-host on the Internet radio show Renee Live Paranormal Show (TMVCafe.com).  Allan has played a wide variety of characters from a crazed Englishman to a silent leather-clad assassin.    He enjoys serving on panels and covers a wide range of topics from the serious to the outrageous.  In his adult vampire novels, Galen and Dark Chances, he links sensual fantasy with danger and predation to excellent effect.  His exceptional use of plot tension between the various characters sets a wonderful stage for the little details that bring it all to life.  Allan’s Jack Lago supernatural mysteries are known for their attention to detail and suspense.  His short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and his collection, Allan Gilbreath: A Short Story Collection covers his three favorite genres; science fiction, dark fantasy, and steampunk.  He is currently working on several media projects including paranormal research, comedy shows, and action movies.  For more information please see: https://www.darkoakpress.com.

kimberlyrichardsonKimberly B. Richardson

After found as an infant crawling among books in an abandoned library, Kimberly B. Richardson grew up to become an eccentric woman with a taste for jazz, drinking tea, reading books, speaking rusty French and Japanese, playing her violin and writing stories that cause people to make the strangest faces. Her first book, Tales From a Goth Librarian, was published through Dark Oak Press and named a Finalist in both the USA Book News Awards for Fiction: Short Story for 2009 and the International Book Awards for Fiction: Short Story in 2010. Ms. Richardson is also the author of The Decembrists and Mabon/Pomegranate, the upcoming books Tales From a Goth Librarian II, The House of Ginkgo, Through My Eyes: A Photographic Journey, Wanderlust and Open A, as well as the editor of the award winning Steampunk anthology Dreams of Steam and the award winning sequelsDreams of Steam II: Of Brass and Bolts, Dreams of Steam III: Gadgets, Dreams of Steam IV: Gizmos and the upcoming Dreams of Steam V, as well as Realms of Imagination: an Urban Fantasy Anthology, all published through Dark Oak Press. Ms. Richardson is also a contributor to the anthologies BLACK PULP and the upcoming ASIAN PULP, both published through ProSe Press, Garbanzo Literary Journal Volume III, published through Seraphemera Books, and Luna’s Children, an upcoming werewolf anthology published through Dark Oak Press. Other short stories and poetry by Ms. Richardson have been published through Sam’s Dot Publishing/Alban Lake Publishing, Midnight Screaming, and FootHills Publishing. Ms. Richardson is also the Programming Director for Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, a sci-fi convention held in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dave1213aH. David Blalock

H. David Blalock has been a writer of speculative fiction for decades. His work has appeared in every form from short story to novel, in print for numerous publishing houses and on multiple websites. His latest novel series, the Angelkiller Triad, was complete with the issue of Doom Angel. His current project is a series for Pro Se Press, a mystery series called the Velvet Wasp Cases set in the late 1920s.


RobertJKrogRobert J. Krog

Robert J. Krog is a native of Memphis, TN, where he resides with his wife and children. He has been writing fiction since childhood but only started making serious forays into getting published in the last twelve years or so. He is the author of the collection, The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, the novella, A Bag Full of Eyes, and numerous short stories in various publications. He recently edited the anthology, A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder for Dark Oak Press. He is working on two or three novels and a screenplay at this time. His work is generally fantasy reflecting his Catholic faith but is limited to no particular genre. He is very happy to be an author guest at River City Comic Expo.


Iscah is the author of novel Seventh Night and related ebook Before the Fairytale: The Girl With No Name.  Along with writing, Iscah puts snarky, wise, and/or silly words and pretty pictures on t-shirts and coffee mugs in an attempt to fund comic book projects.  Thanks to Cafepress’s fanportals, Iscah has created popular designs for Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, NCIS, and Cartoon Network shows like Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Lab, and Captain Planet.

You can see what Iscah and Iscah’s creative friends are up to by going to www.amoebaink.com

Tommybsmith2Tommy B. Smith

Tommy B. Smith is a writer of dark fiction and the author of Poisonous and Pieces of Chaos. His work has also appeared in numerous publications over the years to include Morpheus Tales, Every Day Fiction, Black Petals, Night to Dawn, and a variety of other magazines and anthologies. His presence currently infests Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he resides with his wife and cats. More information can be found on his website at https://www.tommybsmith.com


bigdaddycool“Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca

For nearly 20 years “Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca has entertained grown-up audiences with his patented fusion of soaring vocal music, amazing magic and illusion, and larger-than-life theatrics. He is a 3 Time Champion of Magic, 2 Time Entertainer of the Year, 2 Time Variety Artist of the Year, and was featured on the Channel 4 documentary The Convention Crasher with Justin Lee Collins!

He is the producer and host of ComicsPriceGuide.com’s Tales From The Geek weekly webcast as well as producer and host of THE Dieselpunk podcast, The Diesel Powered Podcast.

Further, Johnny is an artist and author of the industry best-seller Theatrical Magic!




Anthony MatheniaD’Anthony Mathenia

D’Anthony Mathenia is a writer and comic book creator. He is the writer/color artist for Pretty Face, a horror-thriller webcomic. D’Anthony’s short-subject work has been featured in comic anthologies by IDW, Ink & Drink, and Stache.  His other works as a writer include travel articles for Vagobond and a novel, Paradise Earth: Day Zero. When he is not working, D’Anthony secretly enjoys reading old romance comics.


phillipduncanPhillip Drayer Duncan

Phillip Drayer Duncan was born in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and has spent most of his life in the Ozarks. He currently resides in Anderson, Missouri. Along with reading and writing like a madman, his passions include kayakin, canoein, fishin, shootin, video games, and pretty much anything nerd related. Throughout the warm months, he can be spotted on the river, around a campfire, or at a concert. In the cold months, he can be found hermitting amongst a pile of books and video games. His greatest dream in life is to become a Jedi, but since that hasn’t happened yet, he focuses on writing. He currently has four novels and ten short stories published.
For more information about Phillip Drayer Duncan and his writing, or to contact him…

Phillip Drayer Duncan on Facebook
@Writer_Phill on Twitter

bradcarterBrad Carter

Brad Carter has been described by those who know him best as “old enough to know better.” His 2012 novel The Big Man of Barlow has been optioned for a motion picture. Publisher’s Weekly called his 2013 novel (dis)Comfort Food “an unsettling story where familiar ingredients bring unexpected results.” His newest novel, Saturday Night of the Living Dead, is also available from Post Mortem Press.


Expedition Unknown

Expedition Unknown is a TAPS Family paranormal group based in Memphis, TN. They specialize in researching and documenting hauntings, cryptids and local legends in the mid-south and beyond. Besides conducting investigations for clients, they also host an online radio show on tmvcafe.com and are frequent guest panelists at sci-fi/fantasy/comic conventions throughout the US. They also host Paranormal 101 & Ghost Schools and conduct ghost tours and investigations.

Stephen Guenther has been interested in the paranormal for as long as he can remember. He has investigated with groups in Tennessee, California and Louisiana. Stephen is currently co-founder, lead investigator and event manager of Expedition Unknown a Memphis paranormal investigation group and regional TAPS Family affiliate. He is also co-host of the Expedition Unknown Radio Show featured LIVE on the award winning online station TMVcafe.com. His travels have taken him across the country and internationally including trips to sacred and historic sites such as Stonehenge, Newgrange and Chichen Itza. Stephen brings his unique blend of humor and insight into investigations, convention panels and events. He has performed in several past charity musical comedy productions for CHOC. He can often be scene leading seminars and training in the construction industry. His interest in EVP’s and other spirit communication is balanced with a scientific skepticism.

Tanya Vandesteeg’s journey into the paranormal began at a young age when her family moved frequently and she soon found interest in searching out the local haunted legends. This hobby quickly turned into a serious passion as she continued to search and explore for answers to the unknown. Tanya is now an avid paranormal investigator and has over 15 years of experience throughout the states of TX, FL and TN. Her specialties are in the areas of electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), scientific debunking, research and case management. Tanya is currently the co-founder, lead investigator and event manager of the paranormal investigative group Expedition Unknown and Memphis regional TAPS family member. She is also host of the Expedition Unknown Radio Show featured LIVE on the award winning online station TMVcafe.com.

But don’t let her night time job fool you, Tanya has an incredible love for the arts and is a trained actress, vocal performer, stunt chick, spokes model, and aerialist. She is currently a workshop acting coach at Indie Acting Studio and has made her career working shows throughout FL & CA for companies such as Disney World, Universal, and Sea World. Tanya was the host of the ecological tourism show Eco Weekends, did voice over work for ESPN Radio and has appeared on numerous TV shows including a featured spot of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters. She is currently working on several film & television projects as well as recently finished starring in the movies: The Coming Darkness (A Star Wars fan film), Curse of The Rougarou and No More Sorrow 3: Whispers in the Dark.

Ethan-NahteEthan Nahté

Ethan Nahté spent most of his youth writing fiction and playing music, eventually receiving the National Quill & Scroll Award his senior year of high school. He took a break from fiction and performing, entering the fields of journalism and broadcast journalism where he slaved away for many years. The desire to write fiction struck him once more in 2004 when he wrote a story that won first place for the John L. Balderston award. He focused more on screenwriting after that, foregoing fiction once again for another five years, before returning and selling his first piece, a short story, to Yard Dog Press.

Since then, Nahté has sold more than a dozen stories, and even a poem or two, to various anthologies and e-zines. Two of his poems were also featured in the program book for the 2014 ConDFW literary convention. As of July 2014 he has sold two stories to Pro Se Press. The first was published in the last issue of Pro Se Presents (issue #20).

In addition to his short stories and screenplays, he is currently writing a novel whenever he can find the time to break free of his busy schedule working for a non-profit conservation organization in Arkansas. He also has a new author site: https://www.NahteWords.com

loganLogan  L. Masterson

Born in southern Missouri, and traveling the American southwest throughout his early life, Logan L. Masterson rooted himself in ideas rather than places. His world is a place of wonders, where words are magic and anything is possible. It’s also a place of darkness: good things happen to bad people and the best intentions can go terribly awry.

Masterson is the author of Ravencroft Springs, a Lovecraftian tale of Appalachia published by Pro Se Press. Look for his stories “Clockwork Demons” in Capes & Clockwork, and the upcoming “Shadow of the Wolf” in Luna’s Children II, both from Dark Oak Press. Masterson’s flash fiction “Escaping Atlanta” appears in Rat-A-Tat: Short blasts of Pulp from Pro Se. A published poet, arts journalist and unapologetic geek, he lives in Nashville, Tennessee with five dogs, two turtles, and a lovely wife.

jhflemingJ. H. Fleming

J. H. Fleming has written all of her life. She used to write poems and songs as a child and started writing stories seriously in the 9th grade. She was the type of kid who made up stories and gave parts to all the other kids, and then they acted them out, with her as lead and director. She pursued creative writing in college and received a Bachelor’s degree in 2011. While in college she had a play produced and had her first publication soon after she graduated.
“Fleming has been published with Pro Se Producitons, Visionary Tongue, Evil Girlfriend Media, Mocha Memoirs Press, and Seventh Star Press.
“J. H. is very passionate about reading. She owns about 800 books and has read most of them. She has always been attracted to fantasy and supernatural stories, and this is reflected in everything she enjoys. Her pastimes include video games, anime, learning French and piano, and singing.
“Fleming is obsessed with The Lord of the Rings and has a replica of the One Ring that she wears on special occasions. She is reserved, preferring to be left alone in her hobbit hole to concoct stories in peace. She has four “kids,” a Yorkie named Mona, a cat named Orion, and two turtles named Frodo and Idril.

donnasmithDonna Smith

Donna Smith is a Curriculum Specialist for the Lake Hamilton School District in Pearcy,Arkansas just outside of Hot Springs.  She has two Master’s degrees in Education Administration and is a National Board Certified Teacher in English/Language Arts early/middle level.
Donna lives in Hot Springs with her husband of twenty-five years, David “Ted” Smith, their youngest child, Alex, and her three pugs— Abby, Odie, and Tily.  She has two other daughters, Jamie Smith and Alye King, and is the proud grandmother of two beautiful girls, Kae and Cami King.
Mrs. Smith loves to write, read and sing Southern Gospel Music.  She is also an avid “Crafter.”

Spore Press


ladendorfNicholas Ivan Ladendorf-Atreides

Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf-Atreides is an activist/cartoonist, who is distracted from both after marrying a woman who legally had her last name changed to one of the clans in Dune, and raising four children with her . Often under the psuedonym, NILgrAvity, Nicholas has been drawing comics since he was four. It never occurred to him to make copies of these comics until his twenties despite growing up in a Chicago print shop.


brett_jonesBrett Jones

I have been writing non-sensical stories and funny book scripts since I read my first comic when I was 9. It was only when I became an adult that I realized it took some semblance of talent and discipline, of which I had neither. So, I slapped a comic together anyway and called it Radiation Day. For the last year I have been peddling my book at various cons by day and praying to Cthulhu by night that no one will discover that I am actually a frog disguised as a chicken.

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