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Dusty Higgins
dusty-higgins Dusty Higgins, a central Arkansas native, is the creator and artist behind Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer. By day, he is an award winning illustrator and graphic artist at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in Little Rock, Arkansas. Some of his other books include Knights of the Living Dead and The Funny Thing About Football, a collection of sports cartoons about the Arkansas Razorbacks. Higgins also worked on Dark Horse’s short-lived Turok series.
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FrozenHeart2 The licensed art of Ninjaink has been featured in print, posters, and t-shirts on an international level, including WeLoveFine, IDW’s “Ghostbusters,” G4’s Attack of the Show, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Udon’s “Tribute” series art books, MTV’s Splash Blog, Squishable, Super Punch, Comics Alliance, Fashionably Geek, TeeFury, and RIPT Apparel. He has done work for Marvel, Hasbro, Lucasfilm, Cartoon Hangover, and Valve: he is the convention artist for Dan Gilvezan (the original G1 Bumblebee) and has produced Captain Marvel art curated directly by Kelly Sue DeConnick.
On his free time he likes to herd guinea pigs, bust ghosts, and tame lionhead rabbits.
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Odd Duck Studios
ODS_Logo Custom comic book watches. Real comic panels in each watch makes every watch unique.


The Art of Randyl Bishop
Arkansas born Randyl Bishop, artist, writer, musician, creates and edits comic books such as Privateer, Killing Time, and his latest project, The Hawk of New York- the first comic book in the industry to have a supporting soundtrack released at the same time. Randyl also spends time doing commissioned creative services, past work including music video animation for Genterine Records, approved submissions to the Alterna comics sketch card series, lead illustrator on Foxhammer Games’ Paradigm: Necropolis, multiple projects for the Hammtrack Idea-Men, advertising work for Joelanta Toy Convention, former partner with Lunar Works Productions, and contributor for Grease, Inc. Magazine, City Rag Augusta, and Creases Zine.
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Studio Neko-Neko
neko-neko Studio Neko-Neko is the brainchild of artist Nicole Holland, and is the studio name under which she sells the majority of her wares. Her work has been featured in several titles of Radio Comics publications and can be found in the artist alleys of various conventions around the MidSouth. Here you’ll find adorable, geek-themed illustrations as well as her own handmade plush toy creations and small collectibles. Everything in the studio is proudly handmade. When not working on studio projects, Nicole can be found watching Doctor Who reruns, working on costumes or designing more cat-themed artwork.
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Stephone Handy (Sketch-X)
stephonehandy Stephone Handy (Sketch-X) is digital artist/graphic designer from Little Rock, Arkansas. He has spent the vast majority of his life both creating and appreciating all forms of art. His inspiration and subject matter ranges from the Civil Rights Movement and biblical characters to professional wrestling and Japanese anime. Though relatively new to the “con art” scene, he has been featured in local art exhibitions and has designed for multiple companies and organizations, including: Buffalo Wild Wings, Colton’s, Steam Roller Blues, Henderson State University, and more.
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Tanja Wooten
wooten Tanja Wooten is an illustrator currently based in Arkansas where she creates both fantasy and sci-fi art for all ages. Her various creative experiences include amusement park portrait artist, toy designer and concept artist, multimedia artist/animator, children’s book illustrator and comic book artist.
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Kathryn White
bluecanarykit Kathryn “Kit” White is a cartoonist/illustrator/graphic designer. Besides comics, she enjoys drawing cartoon portraits of people and pets, and is currently experimenting with collage, mixed media, altered books and objects.
Kit currently resides in Northeast Arkansas and is an alumni of Arkansas State University.
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Kevin Hayman
hayman Kevin Hayman is an artist/writer and designer from Jackson, Mississippi. His series include Kota’s World (’00-’05), The Errant Apprentice (’06-current) and Mailbox Rocketship (’14-current) his comics can be found at and he is not classified as a squid.
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Maries’ Serendipity
shanna The 3 Maries of Maries’ Serendipity are a team of crafters from Gravel Ridge, Arkansas. Shanna Marie crafts chainmaille and hair jewelry. Beverly Marie crafts crocheted stuffed animals and other toys. Triana Marie crafts hand woven baskets and nests. Some of you may remember us under our previous name of Style By Shanna. We are the same folks, but now with a name that includes all three of us. Stop by the booth and pick up something fantastic.
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Jared George
jared-george I am an Indie- Artist/ Illustrator Currently working on a couple of project including making Custom Comics for Kids.
Clockwork Mechanalists
Clockwork_Mechanalists The Clockwork Mechanalists are a steampunk fan group based in Memphis, TN. Since 2010, they have been making appearances at local conventions and promoting literacy at special library events. The Mechanalists like to focus on the “punk” aspect of steampunk. Our members have a strong DIY ethic and are often found learning new skills to contribute to the group. We are currently in the beginning stages of planning our own event to attract steampunks to Memphis.
Rick Johnson
rick_johnson Rick Johnson is a cartoonist/illustrator originally from Portsmouth, VA now living in Tuscaloosa, AL. Working in pencil and ink with digital color, his subject matter ranges from classic horror films to cosplayers….pretty much anything strange enough to catch his eye.
From his company Phat Daddy Studios, Rick produces comic books, prints, key drawings for animation, and book covers. Rick is also a professional bass guitarist.
Houchin’s House of Wizarding Wares
houchins Houchin’s House of Wizarding Wares is a local handmade business in Fort Worth, Texas. Husband and wife team Erin and Keri Houchin work together to create products that bring imagination to life and inspire. Erin is the woodworker and wandmaker. Keri crochets and sews owls and other soft items. Our goal is to produce wands that are as unique as the individual they choose. We do not replicate designs, either our own or someone else’s. Our wands are made from natural materials – locally found or sustainably grown wood – and are free from toxic stains or finishes. We believe the natural beauty of the wood is important, as is the safety of our customers.
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Lin Workman
workman Lin Workman is the creator of the webcomic/geek travel blog Have Geek Will Travel, the webcomic Scared Silly, and is co-creator of the self-published comic book series Bushi Tales, with Pencil Neck Studios partner Dave Beaty. Lin has been an artist and screen printer in the t-shirt industry for over 25 years and was a graphic artist designing monuments (including tombstones and grave markers) for five years, as well as a freelance artist. He has contributed his talents to the following comics, novels, and card sets: sketch cards for The Empire Strikes Back 3-D Widevision, Star Wars Galaxy 6 and 7, Star Wars Galactic Files, Star Wars Chrome Perspectives, Star Wars Rebels, 501st’s Star Wars Celebration VI, Mars Attacks,Transformers, and DC Women of Legend trading card series, Conquest Studio’s comic book Stargodz, Mid-South Cartoonists’ Association’s comic anthologies It Came From Beneath the Drawing Board and Overdrawn and Underwritten, Comic Geek Speak’s CGS: The End comic book, The Wake-Up Crew’s webcomic for Rock103 in Memphis, and Christa Michaels’ book Ramblings with Redde: Why Does My Life Seem Like a Bad “B” Flick?. Lin has done several one man art shows around the Memphis area with his airbrushed “Monsterpieces”, and is a member of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association and DeSoto Artists Council. His wife Nicki is his webmaster and has her own blog, Fangirl Wednesday.
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Jerry Bennett
jerry_bennett Jerry Bennett is a comic book writer and artist, drawing educational comics for and Oklahoma University and creating licensed shirt designs for Marvel and Lucasfilm among others. Marvel legend Stan Lee even commissioned exclusive art from Jerry to raise awareness for his literacy charity, The Stan Lee Foundation.
In his spare time, Jerry is currently writing a graphic novel and picture book he intends to illustrate.
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JSpill Art
jspill Jacob Spill is a freelance illustrator from New Mexico. He invites the viewer to get lost in his whimsical fantasy illustrations and allow a story to take shape. Along with these originals, Jacob has a love for superheroes and pop culture which is prominent in his brightly colored, eye catching, prints and sketches. Be on the look out for his current project, an independent children’s book that he is collaborating on with his sister.
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Heycat Comics
larrycathay Larry Cathey has enjoyed a 25 year career in advertising working both in the agency and corporate environments. Larry’s medical technique illustrations have been published in national as well as international medical journals.
Larry began Heycat Comics in 2014 with the introduction of the flagship title; Mek Corp ­ a story of a dystopian future with the hope for new light, but at the cost of the life of another universe. Heycat Comics recently expanded with a new series titled; Steam Spirit, scheduled for release in July.
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A Grimes Studio
agrimesstudio A Grimes Studio is an art studio created by Allen Grimes. The studio specializes in illustrations, comics, portraits, caricatures, graphic design and animation.
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kodysandwich15 I’m a Little Rock native.
A UCA art graduate that currently works in the Children’s Dept at the Argenta Branch Laman Library.
I’ve drawn images for nerd rapper mc chris, and you might also recognize me as the Ghostbuster that goes to all his Little Rock shows.
I’m the creator of She Hunts Monsters Y’all and Robo Repairs.
I’m also currently doing an unauthorized Little Rock Ghostbusters mini comic.
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Lady Puff Hats and the Dragon Jewelry
ladypuff Welcome to the wonderful magical world of renaissance mixed with
steampunk. We have a combination of hats, jewelry, and more.
Everything is designed and/or made by Lady Puff and the Dragon, we
also do take custom orders.
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Attention Horse Studios
Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf-Atreides
ladendorf Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf-Atreides is an activist/cartoonist, who is distracted from both after marrying a woman who legally had her last name changed to one of the clans in Dune, and raising four children with her . Often under the psuedonym, NILgrAvity, Nicholas has been drawing comics since he was four. It never occurred to him to make copies of these comics until his twenties despite growing up in a Chicago print shop.
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Buster Moody
moody Buster Moody is the artist and co-creator of the underground comic hit TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD with writer Caleb Goellner. He has also done artwork for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and GODZILLA at IDW, SLOTHED IN SPACE for Dark Horse Presents and SCREAMLAND at Image Comics. In addition to comics he makes electronic beats and salsa from his garden
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Jon-Woodard Jon MASTAJWOOD Woodard is a media professional known for his nostalgic Ninja Turtles art and attractive female illustrations. His pin-up art selection grows every year and features everyone’s favorites from Marvel, DC, Image, and more. He currently works as a freelance comic artist on independent comics and private commissions. Mastajwood has also worked in the field of animation, most recently on Fox’s ADHD Axe Cop.
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TheGSP’s Custom Chainmaille Creations
 Specializing in themed and custom chainmaille products. We have a selection of styles and color schemes to choose from for all your jewelry needs. We also have themed dice bags for all your gaming needs, and we even do custom bags as well as other miscellaneous items. On top of all that we can even do custom decorative themed chainmaille vests for that Cosplay you’ve been working on. We even have a selection of bottle cap crafts ranging from key chains to bottle cap figurines.
Acid Arrow
acidarrow Acid Arrow specializes in quality handmade jewelry and custom accessories designed by the co-owner of Argenta Bead Company, a local crafting institution for over 14 years. Our pieces are inspired by science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and pop culture, and are meticulously crafted to the highest standards.
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Amy Peterson
amy-peterson  Amy is an Australian Mail order bride trying to free herself by selling wares in hopes of offsetting her dowry.In reality she works on mostly Art from japanese and mainstream animation to role playing games
Kelly Williams
kellywilliams Kelly Williams is the artist on such fine comic book publications as THE CABINET, METAPHASE, UNCANNY VALLEY and EGO TRIPP. He has contributed to anthologies such as CANAAN CULT REVIVAL, ANGEL WITH A BULLET and many more. He’s supplied pin ups to such fantastic comics as GHOST FLEET and TOE TAG RIOT, to name a couple.
Kelly draws. A lot.
You can follow him on the twitters: @treebeerd
You can email him about pre-show commissions:
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L A West
 lakendricbernardwestjr LaKendric will be selling his self published manga, RDY Rocket Driver Yubi, Episode 1-6
Nom de Pixel
nomdepixel Nom de Pixel specializes in handmade 8-bit crafts and jewelry made using perler beads and cross-stitch. Commissions are available on site.
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Jason Lillard Designs
lillard I am an artist specializing in portraits. I am extemely versatile having drawn people, animals, homes, zombies, dragons, etc. I draw a great deal of characters from any and every fandom thats out there. My work is in charcoal, pastel, and sometimes airbrush. I am always accepting commissions.
Captain Benjamina’s Salvage Emporium
captain-benjaminas We are salvage operators scouring the edges of our galaxy to bring you one of a kind found art, jewelry and steampunk artifacts. Captain Benjamina’s procures not only affordable finished pieces for the novice costumer, but we also share knowledge of our techniques with experienced patrons.
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Brittany Lewis
brittany-lewis Brittany Lewis is an award-winning portrait artist and illustrator based in Memphis, TN. She studied graphic design at the University of Tennessee and later the University of Memphis. Currently her work can be found on Youtube and on her blog, where she works in digital and traditional media. Stop by her booth for original paintings, prints and more.
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Kenny Dunn Lotus Night Entertainment
kennethdunn Kenneth Dunn age 26 CEO of Lotus Night Entertainment which is a networking brand used for myself and others to network together in search of dreams and to expose our artistic point views from cosplaying to designing and more.
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Everyday Geek
everyday_geek Everyday Geek is a nerd culture lifestyle shop dedicated to helping fans incorporate their fandoms into their everyday lives. From nerdy etched glassware to embroidered geek bags, everyday geek is your one-stop for pop culture merchandise. All items are made by hand and therefore each item is unique!
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Coke Bottle Baby Designs
cokebottlebaby We are a fun geek-chic shop specializing in embroidery and hand made items, bringing fandoms and geekery to all. Snap Tab keychains, Mask, Finger puppets, hair bows, DoodleIts and so much more. Plus a few princesses thrown in :) Unique gifts made to last and easy care. Fun and unique play for the whole family!
Geek Chic baby and kids items, where Fandom begins.
John Martin
martin Artist, Illustrator, Inker…..Breaking thru the doors of the industry like the juggernaut. Currently working as an inker on a graphic novel project. “At the end of the day I hope that my work inspires one person”
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slaydog SlaydogProps is a one man shop named Josh Slayton. I make replica props from video games, movies, tv shows, and more. I make cool stuff, what more could you want?
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Equinox Comics
equinox Equinox Comics is a new universe of heroes and villains. Our mission is to create stories that will reach comic book readers of all ages and varieties. Without “toning down” the content, Equinox Comics provides an opportunity for the younger generation to grow up with comics and avoid explicit material, while still keeping adults entertained as well.
Simply put: we make comic books so awesome that your pants explode into pizza.
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Scotty Richard
scotty_richard Scotty Richard has spent his life as an illustrator on a wide variety of projects including work on indie comics. Now he wears many hats as artist, writer and creator of Escape from Zombie Earth which is book 1 of a Lovecraft inspired comic mini-series available now on Amazon, Drivethru Comics, IndyPlanet and ComiXology. His comic is just starting to make waves in the indie world and has already received a positive review from Comic Book Resources blog: Comics Should Be Good! Currently Scotty is working toward finishing the newly created series and related artwork. More is sure to come from this new indie comic creator.
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Fandom Junction
fandom_junction From zombie slayers to time lords and everything in between, Fandom Junction strives to offer a wide variety of products to a wide variety of fans. We are constantly adding new products and new fandoms to our facebook, twitter, instagram, and tumblr!
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Revil Comics
revil Revil Comics is a small, independent comic company that publishes original stories by original artists giving you the best in a diverse selection of comics and graphic novels.
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Darediva Designs
DareDivaDesigns Specializing in custom made braille items and jewelry that combine tactile elements with visual beauty.
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SAU Magnolia Game, Animation and Simulation Design Program
sau-mag-art Have you ever dreamed of designing your own 3D games or a 3D prototype of a new product? Students in game animation and simulation design are taught 3D animation techniques as well as production and management of game environments. They are also trained for a broad variety of scenarios which require prototyping 3D designs for manufacturers of medical equipment, transportation and the military.
The SAU Game, Animation and Simulation Design Program will have students displaying their projects and selling their art.
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Meghan Magica
meghan Meghan Magica is an artist in Conway. She loves making posters based on popular anime, cartoons and video games.
When she’s not standing behind a cash register, she’s probably watching something super cute (and probably related to cats) while drawing in her sketchpad.
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The ArtisTree
artistree The ArtisTree is based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We strives towards branching out to all things artistic while making quality, affordable items. Some of the items sold may include, but are not limited to, etched glass, prints, decorative potions, painted items, jewelry, custom art decals, and more!
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