RCCE Artists Alley August 2014

Artist Alley is designed for individual artists (pencillers, inkers, colorists) only, and their table must consist of at least 51% prints and/or originals of the Artists own work. The rest can consist of other artistic interpretations (crafts, sculpting, etc.) but they must be exclusive creations of the Artist. Prints/exact reproductions of the work of other artists will not be considered for Artist’s Alley.
If you create craft types of work (sculpture, knitting, crochet, bracelets/earrings/other jewelry, plush/stuffed animals, pins/buttons, etc.) and it is more than 49% of your presentation then you are not eligible for Artist Alley. Crafters must apply using the Vendor Application.

Artists Alley Application

dustyhigginsDusty Higgins

Dusty Higgins is the creator and artist behind Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer. By day, he is an award winning illustrator and graphic artist at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. His other books include Knights of the Living Dead and The Funny Thing About Football, a collection of sports cartoons about the Arkansas Razorbacks. Higgins also worked on Dark Horse’s short-lived Turok series.



stuberryhillStu Berryhill

Stu is a reclusive hermit who only appears in public for comic conventions and shows. At which point he shaves off his hermit beard (which is a problem because it’s where he stores a nest full of baby birds, leaving them homeless). He also inks and draws covers for comic books.

None of that it true, except for the being an inker and cover artist part. His works include Man of God, The Stars #2, The Leaf #1, Surprising Theater #3, Winter War #3 – #4.

square-splashStudio Neko-Neko

Studio Neko-Neko is the brainchild of artist Nicole “AnimeCat” Holland. We offer fantasy illustrations, handmade plush toy creations, charms and collectibles at various conventions around the Mid-South. My Little Pony, Pokemon, and original plush characters can be found at our vendor tables. Looking for some adorable, whimsical artwork? We sell original artwork and prints! Come see us and say hello.

083Jerry Bennett

Illustrator of The Pirate Bride Saga and pop culture t-shirts.



ryanwheatonRyan Wheaton

Ryan Wheaton is an artist and illustrator that was recently able to put aside the shackles of a day job after successfully funding a Kickstarter campaign for his comic book “Stronghold”. Between working on Stronghold and freelance design gigs he enjoys painting and has dedicated himself to a “Drawing a day” every day for 2014. He lives in the Midwest with his girlfriend and two cats.For more details and samples of his work, be sure to check out ryanwheatonillustration.com or on instagram @ryanwheaton

jared-georgeJared George

As his home planet began to destroy its self from within.  Jared’s father, a brilliant but unfocused Scientist, sent him into space in a converted 1977 AMC Gremlin X.  After ricocheting off of several moons and rejected by 3 planets he crashed in the Midwest town of Norman,OK.  Having aged in body, but not mind, Jared’s adoptive parents, Carel Struycken and Cassandra Peterson, were forced to struggle with a 6ft, 250lb baby who was intellectually 4 months old.  As he grew, Jared found his voice was best heard in the form of drawings.  Now he spends his time between licking metallic substances and creating Comic books and illustrations for various projects.

wootenTanja Wooten

Tanja Wooten is an illustrator currently based in Arkansas where she creates both fantasy and sci-fi art for all ages. Her various creative experiences include amusement park portrait artist, toy designer and concept artist, multimedia artist/animator, children’s book illustrator and comic book artist.

Recent comic projects include participation in the 2013 Harvey Award nominated comic anthology “Womanthology: Space!” (IDW Sept. 2012, artist), “Womanthology: Heroic” anthology (IDW March 2012, artist), and an art page for “The Last Unicorn” GN deluxe version (IDW May 2012). Current indie projects include an online “gothic” comic (artist), a 4-issue sci-fi comic mini-series, as well as an assortment of commissioned artwork. Her illustration “Dragon World” received an honorable mention at the 2014 SCBWI International Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

You can view some of her art at www.tanjawooten.com and on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TanjaWootenIllustration

Rick JohnsonRick Johnson

Rick Johnson (aka The World’s Smallest Giant) is a writer/artist living in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Having grown up on a steady diet of comic books and horror movies, he naturally thought he could earn a living in one of those fields. Much to his surprise, life often throws curve balls. So Rick took a “real” job and became a productive citizen. But he never outgrew his love of all things macabre. A few years ago, Rick began self publishing his own brand of horror and science fiction under the banner Phat Daddy Studios Presents. With stories like Bune’s World, LMC-1 and Hard Luck, he continued to refine his approach to graphic storytelling. Operation Silver Moon marked a turning point. Teaming with award winning writer Bobby Nash gave Rick the opportunity to revamp his drawing style. Taking cues from E.C. comics, Warren Publishing magazines, and 40s film noir, Rick injected a new mood into his art. Currently, Rick is providing artwork for the horror film Upyri and collaborating with writer Sean Taylor on the science fiction tale A Stitch In Time: The Return of The Invisible Man for IDW. He is also working on a followup to his Phat Daddy Fable Hard Luck and the long awaited “story that will make him famous”… Birthrights.

kim1Kimberly Dunaway

Kimberly Dunaway is a Freelance Artist/Illustrator from Memphis, TN. She has worked heavily in the Trading Card Industry as a sketch card artist for Topps,Cryptizoic, Upper Deck and Breygent Marketing to name a few. She has worked on properties including Star Wars, Mars Attacks, Archer, American Horror Story, Grimm, Vampirella, Red Sonja, Marvel, DC, The Avengers Movie Trading Cards, Dead World, Transformers and more. She created cards included in the 501st card packs at Star Wars Celebration VI as well as cards for San Diego Comic Con 2012-2013for Breygent Marketing. Kimberly has also participated in several charity card projects as well as the Wonder Woman Day, Rock for Kids art project, and creating custom shoes and surf board art for many charity projects. Besides creating sketch cards, Kimberly creates custom Mighty Mugg figures as well as jewelry, and t-shirts for clients with her screen printing business Atomic Screens and even finds time to create Cosplay costumes for shows and has been used as a character reference model for several comic related projects. You can find her art and Cosplay at www.kimberlydunaway.com

Kelly Williams

Robert Simpson

Scotty Richard

Scotty Richard has spent most of his life as an illustrator on a wide variety of projects. Now he wears many hats as artist, writer and creator of Escape from Zombie Earth which is book 1 of a Lovecraft inspired comic mini­series available now on Amazon, Drivethru Comics, IndyPlanet and coming soon to ComiXology. His comic is just starting to make waves in the indy world and has already received a positive review from Comic Book Resources blog: Comics Should Be Good! Currently Scotty is working toward finishing the newly created series and related artwork. More is sure to come from this new indie comic creator. Check out his site arkhamearth.com for details.

Lin Workman

Kathryn White

 Jon “Mastajwood”  Woodard

randyl-bishopRandyl Bishop

Randyl Bishop, artist, writer, musician, creates and edits comic books such as  Mosaic, Privateer, Killing Time, and his latest project, The Hawk of New York- the first comic book to have its own soundtrack. Randyl is an Arkansas native but currently resides in Augusta, Georgia. Randyl also spends time doing commission sketches, past work including approved submissions to the Alterna comics sketch card series, Foxhammer Games’ Paradigm: Necropolis game, multiple projects for the Hammtrack Idea-Men, and Grease, Inc. Magazine. Randyl is also in partnership with Lunar Works Productions and gladly accepts payment in the form of freshly baked cookies. Sometimes.

Check out his facebook page at:


or his website at



Ninjaink is a freelance professional artist and illustrator for WeLoveFine. His body of work includes licensed shirts and prints for Lucasfilm, Marvel, Hasbro, Steam, Cartoon Hangover, and much more — he has done curated art for Kelly Sue DeConnick’s “Carol Corps” merchandise and official promo art for voice actor Dan Gilvezan (G1 Bumblebee from “The Transformers”). He was the official Artist Guest of Honor at VisionCon 2012. Printed and published work can be found as far back as Dreamwave’s “GI Joe and the Transformers” or as recent as his Harold Ramis tribute art in IDW’s “Ghostbusters” ongoing series and in Udon’s “Street Fighter” and “Mega Man” tribute art books. In 2013 he designed a limited run of plush guinea pigs for Squishables.com. His work has been featured online at WeLoveFine, Marvel.com, ComicsAlliance, RIPTApparel, TeeFury, Aint’ It Cool News, Huffington Post, MTV’s Splash Blog, Agent M Loves Tacos, Cracked.com, and much, much more: you can see his shirts at local retail stores such as Hot Topic, Kohl’s, and FYE.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NinjainkArt
DeviantArt: https://ninjaink.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: https://ninjaink.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://ninjainkart.twitter.com/
RedBubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/ninjaink/


jspillJacob Spill

My name is Jacob Spill. Drawing has always been my hobby and recently has became my profession. I am captivated by comic book art and children’s book illustrations; the way the artist is able to capture emotion and tell a story through pictures is amazing. I hope to do the same through my art. Currently I am co-creating a children’s book with my sister Jemima, who is a gifted writer. My goal as an illustrator is to tell stories worth seeing!




Shelby Nichols


equinoxEquinox Comics


Matt Mitchell

Waste of Ink Studios

luna-cooper-2Champion Comics

Luna and Maia are the co-creators of Champion Comics, which publishes the comic book series Champtions of Erendil. They have done caricatures at Artsfest in Springfield for three years running and have been drawing for almost thirteen years. They have several other stories in the works, also to be published by their company, Champion Comics, including the miniseries Misfits as well as two super hero books, Artemis and Blackfire Matrix. They’ve been to several Missouri cons, inlcuding G.A.M.E and Visioncon in Springfield, and Planet Comiccon in Kansas City. Champions of Erendil is available in several comic books stores in Springfield, inlcuding Collect-O-Maniacs, Vintage Stock, and the Comic Cave, as well as Star Clipper in St. Louis.

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