March 2014 Guests

Special Guests:


berniewrightson  Bernie Wrightson

Legendary penciller, artist, inker for 45 years has worked on such titles as:
DC’s House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Swamp Thing, Batman The Cult and Batman/Aliens, Marvels Chamber of Darkness, and Tower of Shadows. In 2012, he began Frankenstein Alive, Alive! from IDW Publishing.  Wrightson was also a production designer for the Reavers in the 2005 film Serenity.

As a conceptual artist, Bernie has worked on many films, particularly in the horror genre: well-known films include Ghostbusters, The Faculty, Galaxy Quest, Spiderman, George Romero’s Land of the Dead, and Frank Darabont’s Stephen King film The Mist.

Bernie will be bringing original art, prints and other goodies to sell and does not charge for autographs, unless it is a bulk request.

We are honored to have Bernie and Liz attend our show.

jamesobarr  James O’Barr

James O’Barr was born in a trailer in Detroit just in time to see Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy die, but claims no responsibility for either. He spent his first seven years in an orphanage and foster care as the token white kid (it was, after all, Detroit) and as such had poor communication skills. When he was adopted he brought along his crayons and has been using them ever since. While stationed in Berlin (Semper Fi, dude) in the late 70?s he created The Crow as an attempt to deal with the death of his fiancé at the hands of a drunk driver. It took nearly ten years to finish and no publisher was interested in it(“too gloomy, too confusing..”) until, on a whim, Caliber published the first issue in 1989.It is currently the best selling independent graphic novel of all time at over 3/4 of a million copies sold, though he is not rich by any means.

In 1993 his book was adapted into the cult film of the same name starring Brandon Lee. He would like you to know that nearly all of the money made from the film was donated to children’s charities and he had nothing to do with the subsequent 3 sequels or TV show (though he does like Mark DaCascos) and scoffs at the current plans to remake the
first film. Pshawwww, he says.

He has worked for every major publisher, with the exception of DC who is apparently afraid of what he would do with Batman.

In Italy, 1995, he won the Academy Award of comics, the Yellow Kid award for best storyteller and has been ignored ever since.

After 35 years in Detroit (shot ,stabbed, and run over by Sanford and Son are not too subtle hints it is time to move) he currently lives in Dallas collecting old books, records, skulls, and the hearts of young waifs. He does commissions from his website (, how clever) and paints draws and writes every day.

He is tall, happy, approachable, quite charming, and looks nothing like Robert Smith (except for, maybe, the smeared lipstick on Goth night at The Church).

Calero-Pic  Dennis Calero

Calero is an award-winning writer and artist who helped developed “Xmen Noir” for Marvel Comics, as well as having worked on DC and Dark Horse Comics.  Calero has also worked on entertainment projects for CBS Films and Weed Road Pictures and is currently working with famed horror writer Stephen King.  He also adapted “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury as a graphic novel for Hill & Wang.

He was nominated for the Harvey, an industry award recognizing excellence in comics, and has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators.

tommy1  Tommy Hancock

Steeped in pulp magazines, old radio shows, and all things of that era’s pop culture, Tommy Hancock lives in Arkansas with his wonderful wife and three children and obviously not enough to do. He is Partner in and Editor in Chief for Pro Se Productions, is an organizer of the New Pulp Movement, was a founding member and original Editor-in-Chief of ALL PULP, works as an editor for Seven Realms, Dark Oak, and Moonstone. He is also a writer published by Airship 27 Productions, Pulpwork Press, Moonstone, and others. He also works as Project Coordinator for Moonstone Entertainment and was the Founder and Coordinator for PULP ARK, a Pulp Culture Convention in the South from 2011 to 2013. Tommy is a Pulp Speaker, Podcaster, Supporter, and Promoter as well.

brad   Brad Carter

“Brad Carter is a product of the public school system in Arkansas, but he hopes you will not hold that against him. He currently lives in Northwest Arkansas, where his wife and daughter barely tolerate his behavior. His novel The Big Man of Barlow has recently been optioned for a forthcoming film, and Publisher’s Weekly called his second novel (dis)Comfort Food “”… an unsettling story that goes from appetizing to nauseating as the narrative plunges from dark fantasy straight into horror, where familiar ingredients bring unexpected results.”

davewhite   Dave White

Dave White is a writer published by Pro Se Productions and Moonstone Books with several more stories to debut in 2014. He is also a buyer for Missouri Comics and Records. One of the largest shops in the Midwest with over 5,000 square feet of comics,pulps,vinyl, and all things related. We are constantly buying stuff. Check out the website

kaylalarson   Kayla Larson

Born in California but raised in Arkansas, Kayla Larson is your classic small town girl known for her tomboyish nature and passion for animals. Living in a close-knit community has strengthened her values, especially towards her family. She was born with Gastrostisis and is a true survivor of the rare, deadly birth condition. This has made her value and enjoy life and see it in a way some do not.

Larson has been writing most of her life. A bookworm at a young age, she grew into the art and passion of story-telling, starting with short stories and later creating novels and writing fanfiction. All of these old tales of which can be found in hundreds of notebooks stashed away in many boxes. She has written many poems, and has also written skits and newspaper articles for school and the local media. She takes inspiration from many authors, and even holds dear an autographed photo of her favorite author, Dean Koontz. She enjoys fantasy, science-fiction, westerns, and mysteries, anything that can whisk her away to another world.

Kayla enjoys several activities, including horseback riding, drawing, reading, video games, hiking, camping, and shooting. She has a motley crew of “fur babies” that comprise of her sun conure, Cosmo, Shar-Pei mix Khan, three cats, and a horse.

When Larson is not spending time with her family and friends or taking inspiration from the world outside, she can be found in her little house writing away her next creation, enjoying life.

Tommybsmith2  Tommy B. Smith

Tommy B. Smith is a writer of dark fiction and the author of Poisonous and Pieces of Chaos. His work has also appeared in numerous publications over the years to include Morpheus Tales, Every Day Fiction, Black Petals, Night to Dawn, and a variety of other magazines and anthologies. His presence currently infests Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he resides with his wife and cats. More information can be found on his website at

timid monster  Timid Monster

Timid Monster is a film production team based in Memphis, TN. Founded in 2011, the team has produced the award-winning steampunk fable John Gray and fantasy tale Avarice. Follow their journey as they prepare for their first feature-length sci-fi flick, Aurora Centauri, at

joshJoshua Daniel Mason

Joshua Daniel Mason is a young independent film maker from Tennessee. He is the owner of Mason Studios and it’s subsidiary effects company, Masonite Effects. He has directed several Indie films, YouTube shorts, music videos, and commercials but is most well known for directing the “No More Sorrow” series of action films as well as two “Super Mario Bros.” fan films. Josh sets himself apart from other independent film makers by breaking away from the typical “artsy coffee house” type of independent films most independent directors make and has chosen to take more of a “Michael Bay” approach to his films. He has been quoted more than once saying that he “creates cinematic adventures filled with explosions”. His upcoming projects include the third installment in his “Super Mario Bros.” film series, a Star Wars fan film, and a much anticipated fourth installment in his “No More Sorrow” series

gotham_knightsGotham Knights

This fan made, live-action web series sees Bruce Wayne murdered by the Joker, and the effects it has on Gotham and several faces from the Batman universe.

rayRaymond Masters

In 2011, Raymond Masters self-published Forging Truth, a character-driven tale combining mystery, magic, fantasy, religion, and super-heroics. He is currently at work on the second book of The Truth Saga, Corrupting Truth. If he doesn’t finish it soon, his wife will kill him. Ahem. Sorry. He has also written comic scripts, which have been accepted for publication at both Viper Comics and Incubator Press. He’s dabbled in the zombie craze with a short story, entitled Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale. He has contributed for both Project Fanboy and Wired’s When not writing or reading, he can be found on social media, pimping other independent authors and creators.

dawnduvDawn DuVurger

Dawn DuVurger came to America when she was seven years old from Hungary and has traveled ever since. As a student and mother she stays busy, while also acting in Indi-Horror films like “Creamains, Malific, Cadaver Bay, Aberrations, and most recently Zombie Pirates, as well as starting her own convention on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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