RCCE 2013 Schedule of Events

08:00 AM – Registrations begin for StarCityGames.com Super Invitational Qualifier Magic:  The Gathering

10:00 AM – RCCE opens to attendees

10:00 AM – Rounds begin for StarCityGames.com Super Invitational Qualifier

01:00 PM – Game Goblins Hero Clix Event kicks off.

02:00 PM – Main Stage – Costume Contest Judging

03:30 PM – Costume Contest Winners Announced

Blast-A-Trooper event to run continuously throughout the day.

Game Goblins Game/Tournament Details:

Magic: The Gathering Events:
8AM Registration/10AM Start Time:
$1,000 Star City Games Super Invitational Qualifier ($25 entry fee, Standard Constructed format, deck lists required).  Registration fee includes admission to RCCE.
8-man 3x Dragon’s Maze Drafts with a 5-3-2-2 Payout for $12 (firing as the fill)
8-man Standard Win-a-Box (firing as they fill)
HeroClix Events:
Central Arkansas HeroClix Championships at 1PM. This is a 500pt Modern event with no resources or 3×6 colossals permitted. This will be a heads-up event with Swiss pairings. The cost of the event is $15. Prize support will include the “Superman and Superman” Convention Exclusive, “Martian Manhunter” Convention Exclusive, the Galactus ’07 Event Promo Colossal, and The Batcave (No Man’s Land Event Grand Prize). Boosters and additional promo figs will be added to the pot based on attendance (at least one booster per player, either The Amazing Spider-Man or Batman). There will be no fellowship vote. Jamie Jordan will be your head judge.
All Day:  Learn to Play HeroClix demos (FREE, and you get a free promo figure for participating while supplies last).
Board Games:
All Day: Rent a game from our library for $5, and get $5 in Store Credit at Game Goblins!

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