This is my first comic convention, what should I expect?

Geek Nirvana.


In short, there will be comics, toys, books, crafts, and art available for sale in just about every fandom. There will be attendees dressed as their favorite characters, sometimes in very elaborate costumes, these people are called cosplayers. As long as you are polite and respectful, they are usually happy to take a photo with you.

It might just be easier to show you.

Our good friend Joel from the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub built a virtual reality TARDIS. If you step inside wearing the VR goggles, you are inside the TARDIS!

Actresses Mikki Val (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Scream Queens) and Jaqueline Fleming (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Bourbon Whiz) sign autographs and chat with attendees.

You gotta watch out for this R2 unit, he’s a total flirt.

The ART Outfitters booth at our 2015 show. Often, young people are inspired to create after watching the artists draw commissions during the show. Kerry and the ART Outfitters team stock their booth with the same supplies that professional artists use. Many of our local pro’s shop at ART Outfitters next door to Vino’s in Downtown Little Rock.

Speaking of local comics pro’s, John Lucas is hard at work on a commission during our 2015 show.

At River City Comic Expo you are guaranteed to see seriously good parenting.

Seriously good art, Jon & Jackie Woodard.

And seriously good costumes. Rocket Raccoon and Daredevil.

Not pictured: Anime characters, Superwholocks, Hogwarts students, tabletop gamers, Stormtroopers.

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