How do I get in?

There are several entrances to the Statehouse Convention Center.  There is one at that faces down Main Street and will be the first one you see if you parked in the deck at 2nd & Main.  Once you enter that set of doors you can go down the stairs into the Gallery or go into the Atrium and take the escalator down.  There are several more doors on the eastern side closest to the River Market and Riverfront Park that lead into the Atrium where you will find the escalator.  Once downstairs, you can pick up your wristbands (if you bought your tickets online) or buy your tickets at the Toltec Registration Booth.

If you are entering from the Little Rock Marriott you will be able to purchase tickets or pick up your wristbands at the Osage ticket booth.

Exhibitors will receive an email with load in and parking information in the weeks leading up to the show date.  They should refer to it for all questions regarding load in and parking.




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