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Timothy Lim is a freelance cover artist for IDW: his work has most recently been seen on the variant exclusive for “BACK TO THE FUTURE #1” and the most recent April cover for “BACK TO THE FUTURE.” His work was also featured on the Alamo Drafthouse / Heroes and Fantasies “JAMES BOND #1: VARGR” variant by DYNAMITE in 2015. His work has been featured on officially Marvel and Hasbro licensed convention exclusives for the biggest conventions in the country, including New York Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, Alamo City Comic Con, and Emerald City Comic Con. You can also see his work on official prints and t-shirts for STAN LEE COLLECTIBES and CLAUDIA WELLS.COM. He most recently launched a series of successful designs and artwork for the “FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S” franchise via Sanshee and HOT TOPIC.

You can regularly see his officially MARVEL, LUCASFILM, and HASBRO licensed shirts, prints, and bags at WE LOVE FINE. He has also been featured on the Calvin and Hobbes documentary “Dear Mr. Watterson”, merchandise and promos for BORDERLANDS by Gearbox Software, UDON’S “Tribute” series of Street Fighter and Mega Man official artworks, and plush toys for Squishable.com.
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