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Born in California but raised in Arkansas, Kayla Larson is your classic small town girl known for her tomboyish nature and passion for animals. Living in a close-knit community has strengthened her values, especially towards her family. She was born with Gastrostisis and she is a true survivor of the rare, dangerous birth defect. This has made her value and enjoy life and see it in a way some do not.

Kayla has been writing most of my life. A bookworm at a young age, she grew into the art and passion of story-telling, starting with short stories and later creating novels and writing fanfiction. All of these old tales can be found in hundreds of notebooks stashed away in many boxes. She has written many poems, and has also written skits and newspaper articles for school and the local media. She takes inspiration from many authors, and even hold dear an autographed photo of her favorite author, Dean Koontz. She enjoys fantasy, science-fiction, westerns, and mysteries, anything that can whisk her away to another world.

She enjoys several activities, including horseback riding, drawing, reading, video games, hiking, camping, and shooting. She has a motley crew of “fur babies” comprised of her sun conure Cosmo, her Rottweiler Rustle, her pit bull Angel, and her cats Shocka and Mojo.

When she is not spending time with her family or friends or taking inspiration from the world outside, she can be found writing away on her next creation, enjoying life.

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