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Award Winning Animator
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Graduate and Dusty Winner for Outstanding Achievements in Animation from the School of Visual Arts, Jeffrey moved down to Little Rock with his family three years ago to join ATA International Headquarters as a 4th degree Black Belt and the VP of Marketing and Media. He started his animation career working for Walt Disney Studios as a character designer and storyboard artist on TV classics like Doug, 101 Dalmatians, PB&J Otter, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He later founded Noodlesoup Productions where they produced “The Venture Brothers” for Adult Swim, “Gotham Girls” for Warner Bros Online and the animation for the Tony Award winning Broadway musical “Avenue Q”. He has comic books in print with Tokyo Pop “Project DOA” and Fangoria “The Fourth Horseman”. His live action credits include countless television commercials for Hasbro Toys as well as a pilot for Cartoon Network and the 26 episode series “The Super Sportlets” for Moonscoop Entertainment. Feature Film credits include “Doug’s First Movie” and animated openings for Miramax Films “Duplex” among others. As an award winning writer, director and producer Jeffrey feels his career won’t be complete until he is playing defense for the New York Rangers on a their way to a Stanley Cup win. They may have to do it without him.

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Will be drawing classic DOUG characters for $20 donation, 100% of all monies will be donated to C.A.R.E 

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