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Jacob is a comic artist and has drawn ever since he can remember. He published his first comic, the Knight, in October of 1993. He continued doing odd jobs in comics, but then decided to pursue a degree in animation. After graduating college, Jacob still had a strong desire for working in comics. He took a job with Dimestore Press to help them relaunch their series Dungar the Barbarian. Soon after finishing Dungar, he was hired by BlueWater Productions and was able to work on such franchises as Warlock for Lionsgate and William F. Nolan’s Logan’s Run. After his run with BlueWater, Jacob was soon discovered by Rob Liefeld and was able to provide inks and take part in the new DC 52 relaunch. Jacob provided inks and finishes on titles such as: Hawk and Dove, Deathstroke, the Infinite and Bloodstrike with Image Comics. Jacob has also done layouts and finishes for Marat Mychaels on titles like Warzone Girls, Notti & Nyce, Deadpooh, Zen: the Intergalactic Ninja, as well as illustrating titles for Zenescope Entertainment like, Wonderland, Grimm Universe, Unleashed, & B.A.R. Maid. While working on various project for established and up and coming publishers, you can also find him working on his own comic Batbear.

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