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A fan built replica car made by Stefany Torres and Rick Blevins. It was considered to be the best replica out there which is what caused it to be brought in for use on Supernatural. She was featured in the “Bloodlines” episode of season nine filmed in Chicago.

This makes her the ONLY screen used car in the United States, and the only individually owned car that was ever screen used.


We offer 3 different pose options with the car, each pose is $10 or all 3 for $25. The pose options are as follows
Up at the front of the car with the green cooler similar to the ending scene of several episodes where the boys are drinking a beer and talking about their feelings.

Pose 2 is in the driver’s seat, giving them the opportunity to take a picture sitting where Jensen and Jared sat while driving around Chicago

Pose 3 is in the back with the weapons cache in the trunk

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