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Photo of D2 Comics and More
D2 Comics and More
Website: Etsy

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D2 Comics and More has a wide variety of items for a multitude of fandoms. We specialize in unique and one of a kind items. We have a great selection of comics including those rare or hard to find books. We have a mixed variety of toys, POPS, San Diego Comic Con exclusive items, art work, home décor, jewelry and so much more. Make sure you come by and check out our booth for a discount coupon for our on-line ETSY store.

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Photo of Rob Davis
Rob Davis

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ROB DAVIS – began his professional art career doing illustrations for role-playing games in the late 1980’s. Not long after he began lettering and inking, then penciling comics for a number of small black and white comics publishers- most notably for Eternity Comics, which eventually became Malibu Comics in the 1990’s, on their book SCIMIDAR with writer R.A. Jones. Branching out to other black and white publishers and eventually working at both DC and Marvel Rob worked on likeness intensive comics like TV adaptations of QUANTUM LEAP and STAR TREK’s many incarnations mostly on the DEEP SPACE NINE comics for Malibu. At Marvel he worked on the Saturday morning cartoon adaptation PIRATES OF DARK WATER. After the comics industry implosion in the late 1990’s Rob picked up work on video games, advertising illustration and T-shirt design as well as some small press comics like ROBYN OF SHERWOOD for Caliber (since collected into a Graphic Novel). He has done graphic design work the last two years for the premier comicbook convention in Kansas City, Missouri: Planet Comicon. Rob continues to do the odd self-published comic book as well as publisher and designer for his small-press production REDBUD STUDIO COMICS. Rob is Art Director, Designer and Illustrator for the New Pulp production outfit AIRSHIP 27 partnered with writer/editor Ron Fortier. Rob is the recipient of the PULP FACTORY AWARD for “Best Interior Illustrations” in 2010 and 2015 for his work on SHERLOCK HOLMES: CONSULTING DETECTIVE. He works and lives (though one wonders when he sleeps!) in central Missouri with his wife and two children.

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Photo of Nikki Dawes
Nikki Dawes
Website: Nikki Dawes Design & Illustration Portfolio

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I am Nikki Dawes and I am a freelance designer and illustrator based out of Arkansas. I also work as a graphic artist for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. I have over 13 years experience with Adobe CS and I have spent a lifetime working with traditional media.

In my spare time I am an avid video gamer, coffee drinker, and Olympic level napper. I also enjoy doing obstacle course style races, such as the Tough Mudder. I have a cat named Fluffin and a cantankerous Saharan Uromastyx named Queen Lizbeth.

There are a lot of things I am, so here’s a list of things I’m not:

  • a lover of raw tomatoes
  • a fan of Twilight. The most I’ve seen is a book cover.
  • an admirer of my fiance’s cooking.
  • a morning person… or a daytime person, really. I’m naturally nocturnal.
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Photo of Desert Rose Cosplay

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Desert Rose Cosplay started out at a young age with cosplay living in New York.  She was influenced by seeing the costumes of NYCC. Not long after the first time going, she started to design cosplays for herself. She later attended the School of Visual Arts where she grew her creative abilities, applying them to costuming.  Although new to convention appearances, she has been attending cons for years in the Texas area. Desert Rose is best known for Marvel characters such as Elektra, X-23 and Magik, as well as those from the TV series Supernatural as she frequently travels to cosplay with her screen used Supernatural Impala, Bela.

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Phillip Drayer Duncan is the author of 4 novels and 14 short stories. He has work published with Yard Dog Press, Pro Se Productions, and Seventh Star Press. His work includes The Moonshine Wizard, Assassins Incorporated, The Warden, and others. He was born in Eureka Springs, AR and has spent most of his life in the Ozarks. Along with reading and writing like a madman, his passions include kayakin, canoein, fishin, and pretty much anything nerd related. More than anything, he enjoys spending time with his ridiculously awesome friends and his wonderful family. During the warm months he can be spotted on the river or around a campfire. During the cold months he can be found hermitting amongst a pile of books and video games. You might also see him at a concert or attending a con. His earliest books were acted out with action figures and scribbled into notebooks. Today he uses a computer like a real grown up. His greatest dream in life is to become a Jedi, but since that hasn’t happened yet he focuses on writing.

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Photo of Dystopia Rising: Arkansas
Dystopia Rising: Arkansas

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Dystopia Rising: Arkansas is the Arkansas Chapter of the networked Dystopia Rising LARP. Dystopia Rising is a fully immersive live action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. Our game takes place in the fictional town of Crystal Creek, a long forgotten mining town with a reputation for secrecy, conflict, and a gritty determination to undertake what is necessary to survive. Skirting the swamps, marshes, and Misery Bay to the south and east, Crystal Creek is an important waystation for those attempting the dangerous trek through wild lands that have far too few friendly faces.

Our game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the name of the game is survival. From Friday to Sunday you will be fully immersed in a world that will require you to gather resources, fend of antagonists, and build a way of life from the ashes of the long-distant fall of mankind. Will you be a guiding light in this world of darkness…or a ruthless malcontent feeding off those around you?

Dystopia Rising is not a game based off the elimination of the undead, it is the delicate balance of morality vs survival. What will your character do to insure the survival of themselves, their loved ones, and their friends? Should the situation arise, who is the most expendable?

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